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Quarter Mertensstrasse

Project management and construction management


Mertensstrasse 16 GmbH


HS + G huthwelker.stoehr + goellner
Nofer Architects
Cramer Neumann Architects
Stephan Höhne Architects


Residential complex with underground parking
710 residential units
427 car parking spaces


Mertensstrasse 16 - 58
Goltzstrasse 46 - 53
13587 Berlin


GFA: approx. 101,300 sqm
BRI: approx. 312,920 cbm

construction time

Planned construction 05/2016


Planned 08/2018

The project area is located on Mertensstraße and Goltzstraße in the immediate vicinity of the former urban development area "Wasserstadt Berlin-Oberhavel".
In coordination with the district, an urban planning concept with six building blocks and a central neighborhood park was developed.
The six blocks are planned by four well-known Berlin architectural offices.

The blocks have a height of four full floors and an additional stacked floor. The entrance to the Quartierpark on Goltzstraße is marked by an increase to five full floors. Inside the blocks there is a green inner courtyard on a slightly elevated plateau, which is primarily available to the residents of the block.

Each courtyard has an underground car park. Depending on the location, the entrances and exits are on Mertensstrasse or Goltzstrasse.
Development plan VIII-48-3 is currently being drawn up for the project.

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