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Forest stage Berlin

Renovation of the staircases and natural stone walls


Berlin Senate Department for Urban Development


Renewal of the staircases and walkways, taking into account monument protection.

Stabilization and sealing of the retaining walls and the natural stone masonry by pressing the components.

Refurbishment of the lighting tower.

Renewal of the waterproofing of the building in the area of the outer staircase above the toilet facilities and in the area of technology in the central area of the forest stage.

Renewal of the handrails, taking into account a future integrated stair emergency lighting in the handrail on the main staircase.
Renewal of the security fences in the upper block.

The Waldbühne serves as an event venue and offers space for around 22,000 visitors.
The main access is via the four large staircases from the upper gallery down to the stage forecourt. The four staircases are interrupted in the area of the middle and lower gallery. This results in a total of 12 partial stair systems. Further access to the seats in the individual blocks is via 29 smaller staircases. Overall, the staircase renovation involves around 1800 m² of natural stone staircases that need to be renewed. The existing stair covering is to be dismantled and replaced with natural stone approved by the Monuments Office or supplemented using the existing natural stone.


In the course of the renovation of the stairs, the structures underneath have to be re-sealed. It can be assumed that the existing seal is contaminated with PAH. All structures must be re-sealed.


The handrails/railings in the area of the four main staircases and above the technical building in the middle block are to be renewed and at the same time emergency lighting in the handrail for the stairs is to be provided. The lighting is used for traffic safety and lighting of escape routes.
protective fences
The protective fences on the edge of the fall in the area of the upper blocks must be renewed.
Western Lighting Tower
The facade of the lighting tower on the west side of the forest stage is to be renovated, taking into account the requirements for the preservation of historical monuments. The natural stone facade is to be cleaned, the joints are to be reworked and the masonry is to be stabilized again by pressing if necessary. Natural stone masonry and retaining walls
The entire natural stone masonry of the retaining walls and building must be cleaned, gaps and joints filled. The structure in the walls and the associated stability must be ensured again by pressing or by rebuilding. A total of approx. 3400 m2 of natural stone surfaces will be renovated and repaired during the renovation of the forest stage. The implementation of the measures must be realized while maintaining the event operations.

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