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Meraner Strasse Energetic refurbishment

Client representation for the entire measure


MJW Develop-u. Vertriebsgesellschaft & Co.

construction project

Merano Street



MJW Develop-u. Vertriebsgesellschaft & Co. Meraner Strasse 16A KG, Kurfürstendamm 138, 10711 Berlin

building description

As part of extensive measures, it is intended, among other things, to carry out modernization measures for the sustainable and permanent improvement of the quality of life by saving heating energy in accordance with the regulation on energy-saving thermal insulation and energy-saving system technology in accordance with the Energy Saving Ordinance EnEV 2014. These modernization measures not only serve to preserve the rented rooms and the building, but also contribute to improving the technical standard and achieving contemporary living comfort and guarantee a corresponding quality of living.

1. Full thermal insulation on the facades, the ceiling of the passage and insulation of the roof construction.The outer wall surface (2.0 cm lime interior plaster, 24 cm Poroton and 2.0 cm lime cement exterior plaster) receives a 120 mm thick mineral thermal insulation that is glued and dowelled directly to the existing facade. The facade is then plastered with mineral plaster and painted white. The measures improve the heat transfer coefficient of the outer walls from a previous U-value of 0.738 W/m²K to a new U-value of 0.214 W/m²K.


2. Replacement of existing single or composite windows and balcony doorsInsulating glass windows and doors with improved heat and sound insulation Dismantling and disposal of the existing single or composite windows and installation of RAL quality-tested insulating windows with improved sound and heat insulation (U value calculation ISO 10077-1) plus necessary ancillary work (e.g. renewal the window sills, chiselling and plastering work, etc.). The new windows have a U-value of 1.1 and improve the soundproofing to soundproofing class 2 (approx. 35db) and have turn/tilt fittings. The window sills on the outside will be replaced with new ones made of aluminum and on the inside with Resopal.


3.The existing roof seal (with approx. 5 cm insulation) will be dismantled and demolished. There is a renewal with a 140 mm roof insulation application of a seal according to the ENEV calculation.

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