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Meraner Strasse new building

Client representation for the entire measure


MJW Develop-u. Vertriebsgesellschaft & Co.

construction project

Merano Street



MJW Develop-u. Vertriebsgesellschaft & Co. Meraner Strasse 16A KG, Kurfürstendamm 138, 10711 Berlin

building description

The "Meraner Strasse 16a" project is a residential building with 16 planned residential units and an underground car park with a separate staircase and another staircase as a second escape route.

A modern residential building is planned in the existing spacious inner courtyard at Badensche Strasse 8, 8a, 8b/ Meraner Strasse 18, 20, 20a, 20b, which will continue the existing development at Bozener Strasse 10-12. The building connects directly to the large fire wall and is built on the existing parking lot.
The 6-storey residential building has an entrance via which the stairwell can be reached by elevator. The second stairwell is intended as an escape route and has a necessary separate exit to the outside on the ground floor. The elevator goes down to the basement, which also houses the central garage with 16 parking spaces. Since the existing parking lot will be closed, the parking spaces will only be shown in an underground car park.
All apartments have spacious terraces or balconies facing west, south or east. The mezzanine floor is covered with a brick slip covering according to the architect's specifications, which emphasizes the base of the building. The color concept envisages that the plastered surfaces will be kept light and the window frames and the balustrades made of perforated sheet metal or as bar railings (according to the architect's specifications) will be anthracite.
The top floor is set back as a staggered floor and offers space for 1 or 2 apartments. All apartments are barrier-free.
All apartments are furnished to a high standard.

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