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Boetzow brewery

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Prosthesis factory with pool

Master plan for the Bötzow area in Berlin by Chipperfield

Boutique hotel, pool with a view of Alexanderplatz, gallery and award-winning cuisine - what sounds like competition for Berlin's Soho House is part of the spatial program for a medical creative center. The client is not a private club operator, but the world's most successful prosthesis manufacturer Otto Bock Health Care. The master plan for "Bötzow Berlin" on a 24,000 Qsquare meter large former brewery area in Prenzlauer Berg was presented yesterday by David Chipperfield Architects. 

As early as 2009, Otto Bock CEO Hans Georg Näder spent 20 million euros to bring the long-established company based in Duderstadt from the province of Lower Saxony back to Berlin, where it was founded. With the Otto Bock Science Center, a white solitaire with rounded edges by Gnädinger Architekten, a kind of walk-in calling card for medical technology was created near Potsdamer Platz. 

Näder is now investing a further 250 million in the capital to expand the brewery into a second and significantly larger Berlin company headquarters. Four years ago, the managing director acquired the property of what was once the largest private brewery in Berlin, which had changed hands several times since the early 1990s. 

The existing building is to become the core of the project. The "Otto Bock Future Lab" is to be built here as early as 2017, a "hub for the Berlin maker scene, which includes hardware and software developers, designers, artists, engineers and inventors".


In addition, a "Medical Care Center" with a boutique hotel and rehabilitation lofts is to move in. In addition to being used by the high-tech prosthesis manufacturer, the vaults of the brewery building will house "food factories, rooms for events and a club". 

Chipperfield's master plan envisages opening up the currently isolated area to the city. The architects are mainly responsible for the structural extension on the free part of the property. In order to make the place permeable and public, they are planning three buildings. These should structure the site, create access from Prenzlauer Allee/corner of Saarbrücker Straße and flank a central square. 

Continuing the tradition of the place, one of the three building volumes will house a microbrewery, which will be adjoined by a beer garden, just like when the Bötzow brewery was open. In addition, Näder will house his art collection in one of the houses still to be designed. Another new building along Prenzlauer Allee is to become "the place to go for swimming enthusiasts from the neighborhood". A pool with a view of the Berlin TV tower is planned for this purpose.

The entire master plan should be implemented by the 100th anniversary of Otto Bock in 2019. David Chipperfield Architects are currently building a City Palace  in Französische Straße and the James Simon Gallery on the Museum Island in Berlin. In addition, the office works with newly expanded Located on Auguststrasse on plans for the Ku-Damm-Karree. (lr)

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